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Flexible Education


Buna ISD 

Flexible Education Program

Revised 4-8-2020

Our Goal

In an effort to ensure that our Buna ISD students continue to actively learn, students will be provided high-quality resources and instruction in an online format.  Daily work is designed for no more than 4 hours daily.


Distribution of Resources

Students will need to access school work online via invitation from the classroom teacher. We encourage anyone with digital access to access materials digitally for the safety of all students and staff members. If you have exhausted all means and are still unable to access materials digitally, please contact your principal. 


Role of the Teacher

Teachers with assistance from the curriculum department will prepare activities on a weekly basis and may be reached via Buna ISD email.  Teachers will be available for students Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm.  For emails coming in after 3 pm, teachers will respond as soon as possible, and within 24 hours.  The role of the teacher is to provide support during this transition. Up until this point, teachers have been reviewing previously taught concepts and providing enrichment, but due to the prolonged period of school closure, it is necessary to begin teaching new content.  Please contact your child’s teacher for any learning needs that your child may have.  You can reach your child’s teachers by visiting the Buna ISD website and clicking on the blue “Schools” tab at the top of the page, and then clicking on “Teachers”. You will find a direct link to the teacher’s email address. 


PK-12 Core Content

It is our hope that students will remain engaged in educational activities that will reinforce prior learning, take advantage of activities that provide enrichment, and work hard to successfully complete assignments that cover new concepts.   It is imperative that teachers and parents work together to encourage students to participate in and complete educational activities. 


Grading and Submitting Work

It is necessary for students to remain engaged in learning during the time of school closure.

Due to this prolonged school closure, it is necessary that we give feedback on how students are progressing on their assignments.  We will begin scoring work as Pass, Fail, and Incomplete.

A description of the indicators are as follows:

Pass - Student has completed the work, even with errors. (Grade range will be 85-100)

Fail -  Student is making no attempt to do the work; at least 3 attempts have been made to contact the parent.   (Grade will range 50-65)

Incomplete -Work is unfinished or student is unable to receive/complete work, parent has been contacted, and arrangements have been made for work completion.

Submitting work:  

All completed work should be submitted to the online platform (Google Classroom) or to the teacher’s email.  For students unable to complete and submit work online, students will need to complete the work on notebook paper, and submit it by way of photo (using cell phone) to the teacher’s email. 


Student Devices

Students who have a district-issued device (Chromebook)--Grades 8-11-- can use those to access content online as long as there is internet access from the home.  Students can also use their own devices to complete instruction, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, cell phones, and some gaming systems.  The District will not issue additional devices to students who do not already have them. 


Special Education

In the best interest of the child and based on guidance from the Texas Education Agency, all Texas public school districts will ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities during an emergency district closure.  This also aligns with our guiding principles of equity, quality and enrichment. To ensure continuity of services for students with disabilities, the district will provide additional enrichment activities and resources in the areas of behavior support, PEP, Life Skills, Deaf Education, Visually Impaired, Speech Therapy, Counseling Services, Occupational/Physical Therapy & Adapted PE.  ARD committee meetings will continue to occur via conference call or virtual meeting.



To ensure continuity of services for students receiving Dyslexia services, additional enrichment activities and resources are available on the district website under the Flexible Educational Program.


Gifted and Talented

Students identified as gifted and talented can access independent study in the Texas Performance Standards Project. This Project comprises a set of performance standards, curricula, and assessments for differentiating instruction and deepening academic learning.   TSPS is designed for Kindergarten through High School and enables students to select topics of interest, conduct independent research, select methods of presentation, and present findings to an audience. 


Advanced Placement (AP)

In addition to digital curriculum, students taking AP courses can use their personal College Board account to access practice questions and released exam questions.  These resources can be accessed through the College Board website.


Career and Technical Education (CTE)

In addition to digital curriculum, information on industry-based certifications will be provided as this information is made available. Students enrolled in CTE courses will begin receiving assignments on April 14.  


Extended Closure

It is our hope that we return to a regular school schedule in early May.  We realize that there are no certainties in this time of transition.  Buna ISD is taking all  necessary steps to provide the best education possible to students during this time of school closure.  The building may be closed, but our educators are here for your students. 


Our Commitment

Buna ISD is here to serve our families during this difficult time.  We would like nothing more than to have our students back in our classrooms.  We know that many of you have your own work schedules and several children in the household that need your attention.  We call this a Flexible Education Program because we want it to be “flexible” for your family. Together we will make this work.  Please know that you can always reach out to someone for help.  


Administrator Contact Information:

Buna High School - Mr. Mike Brewster

Buna Junior High School - Mrs. Amber Flowers

Buna Elementary School - Mrs. Karen Hebert

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction - Mrs. Kelley Peck

Director of Special Education - Mr. Jerry Gore

Director of Technology - Mr. Matt Ibanez

Superintendent - Dr. Donny Lee