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With student safety and security at the forefront of concern across our state, Gov. Abbot has allowed the Department of Public Safety to work with schools to increase their presence at public schools.  Buna ISD has been working with our local DPS to take full advantage of the opportunity to have officers around our schools and on our campuses.  Their presence and their support of our schools gives a tremendous boost to the security and well-being of all our students and staff.  Our district has invited officers to visit campuses at random, stop by for breakfast and/or lunch as often as possible, utilize our parking lots and wi-fi to complete their reports, and utilize office space that we have made available on our campuses.  Furthermore, we have made the old Junior High building available to law enforcement for training for school related incidents.


We are very pleased to have the opportunity to have the presence of this elite group of officers on campus at Buna ISD.  We also want parents and community to realize that this partnership exists and that the presence of law enforcement agencies around our facilities will be commonplace and NOT an indication of the existence of some emergency.   I hope everyone will take the time to express their appreciation to these officers for their work in support of our students.



Thank you,
R. Steve Hyden, Ed. D.
Buna ISD



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