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PDAS How-To's

Teacher Self Report and Evaluations

As a teacher, you can do the following in PDAS:

  • Submit PDAS Sections I, II, & III
  • View evaluations that your principal has enabled for viewing
  • Complete any documents (group evaluations)


The Teacher Self Report criteria consists of 3 Sections:


  • Objectives (Section I)
  • Assessment Processes (Section I)
  • Summative Questions (Sections II and III)


Completing and Submitting your PDAS Self Report:

Objectives (Section I):

If your district does not use Forethought for lesson planning, you would simply fill in these text fields as normal and click "Save".


If, however, your district uses our Forethought application for lesson planning, you can fill out #1 with the aid of the "Forethought Courses" button shown in the screenshot below.


If you click the "Forethought Courses" button, you will then see the following page:

The "Select Course" dropdown on the top right lets you select a curriculum course from your Forethought planner schedule.


After doing so, you can also use the "Select All" or the "Select TEKS previously used in my planner" options.


When you are done selecting all the TEKS you plan on adding for a particular course, click "Add Objectives".

You will need to repeat this step for each course - the "Add Objectives" button only applies to the TEKS selected on your current screen.


When you are finished filling out this page, be sure to click "Save".

Remember that this option is only designed to be a helping tool. It is simply copying and pasting information in the appropriate box. You can manually edit, erase, and add to the content that it creates. You do not have to repeat these steps every single time if it is not necessary.

Assessment Processes (Section I):
For this page, you will simply check the relevant checkboxes and fill in the text field if applicable, and then click "Save".
You may then click "Submit Section I" up at the top of this page (also located on the "Objectives" page) when you are ready to submit Section I of your Teacher Self Report.
Keep in mind that you can update the information in your self report throughout the year, even after submission, simply by making your changes and hitting "Save".

Summative Questions (Sections II and III):


You will fill out the text fields as expected for Summative Questions (II & III), but if you use Workshop for Professional Development, then you will have an additional option covered below.

Note that for Question #7 above, if your district uses Workshop for Professional Development, you can use the circled "Workshop Portfolio" button in order to pull down your professional development activities from the past year.


After clicking "Workshop Portfolio", you'll get a screen similar to the one below.


It will automatically put checks next to all your courses from the previous school year. You may then click "Add Events", and then click "Close" to go back to editing your Self Report.


To submit Sections II & III, you will fill out each field, hit save, and click the "Submit Sections II & III" button on the top toolbar.

Please note that this "Submit Sections II & III" button will only appear when the "Summative Questions (II & III) category has been selected in the middle pane.


Remember that this option is only designed to be a helping tool. It is simply copying and pasting information in the appropriate box. You can manually edit, erase, and add to the content that it creates. You do not have to repeat these steps every single time if it is not necessary.

NOTE: Teachers are allowed to modify their self reports up until two weeks prior to the Summative Conference. PDAS will allow these updates without the need to resubmit. Simply make the necessary changes and click SAVE.

Teachers also have the ability to check the spelling of and print their self report. The spell check will only check the spelling of the currently displayed screen.


Viewing Evaluations:

Click My Evaluations to view all available documents. As your principal completes evaluations and makes them available to you, the documents will appear in your Walkthroughs and Evaluations list. You will also receive an email when a new evaluation is available. Click an item to view the details. By default, you will be able to print your evaluations, but you may also be able to post comments about and electronically sign evaluations we well (see below). When printing, PDAS will generate an Adobe Acrobat file which you can save to file or open right away.

File Attachment: (only available if enabled by your district)

Teachers have the option of uploading electronic documents for appraisers to view.


1. Click on My Evaluations

2. Click on Upload File Attachment

3. Follow the wizard to upload an electronic file (.pdf, .doc, etc.).

4. Once you've uploaded your file, the principal will be able to view the attached document.

Documents to Complete:

If group evaluations are enabled, teachers will see a document to complete in this section. Teachers will receive an email when an evaluation is required to submit.


1. Click on Documents to Complete.

2. Select the document.

3. Complete the document.

4. Use spell-check options as needed.

5. Click Submit Evaluation.

Group evaluations are anonymous.


Electronic Signature: (only available if enabled by your district)

PDAS allows you to electronically sign your evaluation to show that you have viewed and understand the evaluation. In order to electronically sign an evaluation, you must have set the security question when setting up your profile in Eduphoria. (Click My Profile on the main application screen.)

  1. Click on the evaluation.
  2. On the top toolbar, click the signature icon to sign the evaluation.
  3. Click on your name and enter your username, password, and the answer to your security question. The password and security question are case sensitive.
  4. Click Electronically Sign Document.
  5. Click the X to close the window.

If you would like to refuse to sign the document, fill in your information and place a check next to 'By checking this box, I am indicating a refusal to sign this document' and then click 'Electronically Sign Document'. You will be confirming that you refuse to actually sign the document.

This video demonstrates how to electronically sign documents.


Adding a Comment: (optional feature)


PDAS has the capacity to allow staff members to enter comments about particular evaluations. These could be questions, comments, or rebuttals. For this option to appear, it must be enabled by your district.

  1. Click on the evaluation.
  2. Click the staff member/appraiser comments icon to add a comment. Note: If you add a comment, it will be permanently stored with the evaluation. You cannot delete any comments you add.