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Helpdesk How-To's

Image result for wrench clipartMaintenance Helpdesk tickets are to be filled out by campus office staff only.  Teachers please email your campus office staff for Maintenance or Transportation Work Orders.


Image result for computer clipartTechnology Helpdesk tickets may be filled out by following the below steps:

Upon entering helpdesk as an end-user, click "Create a New Request" in the bottom left corner.  You will be prompted with a selection of different departments or categories for you to submit a support request.  Choose Technology Helpdesk.  

By clicking on a category, you will be able to submit a request.  This will bring up a blank request form and allow you to submit the details of your request. 

You can now enter the necessary information to submit your request.  Any field with an asterisk is information that is required for the ticket.  All requests will require you to enter request details.  


Files can also be attached while submitting a ticket.  Click the blue arrow next to attachments to expand that section.  The three different browse options can then be used to upload one to three files. 


Once all information has been entered, click Submit Request.  You will then be able to review the request you submitted under My Open Requests.